"Nose Candy"

OSU Golden Asset x Knittel 16040

Knittel 17056 Bocephus

Bo x Cole 13-1135

Owned with Troy Longnecker



Bo 1447

NAILE Open Show

National Champion Ram

Sired by Oldenburg 8128 “Corvette”

 Owned with and raised by Lanny Bowman


Knittel 17055 "Bonafide"

Bo x Cole 13-1135

Owned with Troy Longnecker

Grand Champion Ram

Illinois State Fair 2018

Heisdorffer Kill Switch

Vance x Casino (Hines Twin Sister)

Sire Sledge x High Hill

Dam MP661 son x unleaded x unleaded

Owned with Milner Club Lambs and Beckmier Livestock

Reference Sires

NAILE Open Show

Overall Res. Champion Southdown Ram  

Bo x University of Findlay

Raised and owned with McCalla Southdowns

McCAlla 15-05

"Believe In Me"

Knittel 17047 "Defiance"

The Deacon x Knittel 1502 (Civil War x 1502)

Owned with HTP Southdowns

Sold to Hicks Southdowns

Featured on Champions Drive 

Rodney & Stephanie

Brea ~ Carson ~ Cole


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